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Welcome to SmileOn

The Most Trusted & Best Dentist in Lahore

SmileOn your trusted dental clinic in Johar Town, Lahore with the best female dentist in Lahore. We pride ourselves on having a team of highly skilled dental experts in Johar Town, Lahore  dedicated to providing exceptional dental care. We offer an extensive range of advanced dental services at competitive rates without compromising on quality. We understand the importance of a confident smile and overall appearance, which is why our dental experts provide personalized attention, detailed explanations of treatment options, and realistic expectations.

At SmileOn, our experienced dental professionals are equipped to handle various dental issues and are always prepared to tackle challenges. We prioritize authenticity and tailor all our services to meet your specific needs. Our focus is on proactive, preventive care to ensure optimal oral health with the best dentists in Lahore.

Choose SmileOn for comprehensive and empathetic dental care. Schedule your appointment with our dental specialists in Johar Town, Lahore, and find out how we can assist you in achieving a healthy, radiant smile.

Best Dental Services in Lahore

Receive personalized care and advanced treatments tailored to your individual oral health needs,
promoting a vibrant and healthy smile.
Emergency Dentist

Immediate care to prevent further damage.

Check-Up & X-Rays

Ensure precise diagnosis & optimal treatment planning.

Teeth Scaling & Polishing

Maintain your sparkle with teeth cleaning expert services.

Teeth Fillings

Restore and rejuvenate tooth cavities.

Full Dentures

Expertly crafted dentures for a perfect fit.

Root Canal Treatment

Effective root canal treatment to save infected teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Gently remove damaged teeth for optimal oral health

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Gentle tooth extraction for optimal dental care.

Welcome to SmileOn

We're Dedicated to Delivering Exceptional Dental Services

SmileOn clinic stands out as a premier destination for comprehensive dental care in Johar Town, Lahore. Our team of best dentists collaborates to address a wide range of dental issues, ensuring top-notch treatment for every patient.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with sterilized equipment and features the best female dentist in Lahore, all under one roof. We’re committed to serving our nervous patients efficiently and effectively, with a focus on your oral health and comfort.

Your journey to a healthier smile starts here

Common Dental Problems and Their Solutions

Common dental problems can include tooth decay, gum disease, tooth sensitivity, bad breath and tooth loss. Problems can be caused by a variety of factors such as poor oral hygiene, genetics, and diet. Here we list major dental problems with their solutions.


Uncomfortable With Your Smile?

Ready to smile confidently?

Patient Safety

7x Safety@Smileon

Why Choose Us?

Your Preferred Choice

Join our over 9,000 satisfied patients who trusted SmileOn dental clinic, Lahore.

Your Dental Needs Under One Roof

Comprehensive dental care all in one convenient location, ensuring your peace of mind.

Customized Care For Perfect Smile

Experience our customized care and treatments specially crafted to perfect your smile.

In-house Impression

Utilize our advanced in-house technology for accurate and efficient dental treatments.

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

Experience unparalleled comfort and care at the best dental clinic in Lahore.

Exceptional Dental Expertise

Benefit from exceptional skillset of Lahore’s best dentists and knowledge of teamod female dental specialists.

Warm and Hospitable Dental Care

Access top-notch dental services in a welcoming environment at SimleOn dental clicnic in Lahore.

7x Safety at SmileOn

SmileOn dental clinic strictly adheres to WHO guidelines for 100% sterile and safe environment.

Quality Service

At SmileOn dental clinic we prioritize high standards of dental care and service delivery.

Rigorous Sterilization Protocols

Our rigorous sterilization protocols create a safe environment for all patients, beyond COVID-19.

Innovative Safety Solutions

Amid global challenges, prioritize safety with innovative equipment and technology for a changing world.

Modern Dental Technology

SmileOn dental clinic in Lahore utilizes advanced dental technology for superior patient care.

7x Safety@Smileon

Enhanced Safety Protocols combatting 2019-nCoV under WHO guidelines to ensure 100% sterile clinic for staff, patients and attendants.



Quality is the core value of the organization, the dedicated quality team specifically assigned to SmileOn ensures the clinics deliver the highest quality.


4 Step Sterilization

At SmileOn, this is not a response to COVID19, but Smileon's culture has been to follow the strictest sterilization protocols from the start.


Safety Equipment

As the world faces a global pandemic, no one wants to leave their safe zone. The world will change and we must prepare and fight.


Equipment & Technology

SmileOn Clinic offers the latest advances in dental technology and equipment.


Meet Our Doctors

Dr Sarooj Hannan

Consultant Dental Surgeon

Experience : 10 Years

Dr Ali Farooq

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist

Experience : 17 Years

Dr Farhan Zaib

Consultant Orthodontist

Experience : 17 Years

Dr Muhammad Moazzam

Consultant Endodontist

Experience : 15 Years

Dr Amina Mukhtar

Resident Oral Surgeon

Experience : 7 Years

Dr Sahar Chawla

Consultant Health Coach and Life Style Counsellor

Experience : 11 Years

Dr Summayya Ibrahim

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist

Experience : 8 Years

Dr Hania Khan

General Dentist

Experience : 4 Years

Dr Rida Naqoosh

General Dentist

Experience : 5 Years


Our Dental Specialists

Hear from Our Patients

Your Convenience First

Flexible Dental Care,
On Your Schedule

Recognizing the demands of your hectic schedule, we provide flexible appointment choices, ensuring access to exceptional dental care services throughout the week. Whether it’s weekdays, Saturdays, or evenings that suit you best, our committed team is ready to accommodate.

Enjoy the convenience of scheduling appointments that prioritize your oral health without sacrificing your other obligations.