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Pediatric dentists

Pediatric dentists are specialized professionals who provide dental care for children, from infancy through adolescence. Maintaining good oral health from a young age is essential in preventing future dental issues. With their expertise, pediatric dentists guide the dental growth and development of children, helping to prevent any potential dental problems in the future


Preventive care plays a critical role in maintaining children’s dental health. It is important to address oral health concerns early on to prevent complications. Visiting a pediatric dental specialist as early as six months of age can have a positive impact on a child’s future oral health. Detecting dental issues early allows for prompt treatment and modification of harmful habits. Pediatric dentists strive to make a child’s first visit to the dentist a pleasant experience. They possess specialized knowledge in childhood development and behavior, making them well-equipped to work with young patients. Pediatric dentists undergo an additional two to three years of training in areas such as anesthesia, pharmacology, and child physiology. This additional training enables them to provide the most advanced and comprehensive treatment for a wide range of children’s dental issues.


Paediatric dentistry has been an essential aspect of dental care for many centuries, as it emphasizes early oral health practices for children.

Skilled paediatric dentists play a crucial role in maintaining children’s oral health, and many parents choose to start their children’s dental care journey with a paediatric dentist. These dental professionals are trained to work effectively with children and provide tailored care to promote optimal oral health and prevent future issues.

Paediatric dentists have the expertise to treat children with anxiety, disabilities, and special needs, and they are well-versed in using both oral and general anesthesia when necessary. They provide individualized treatments to cater to each child’s specific needs.

Need To Know

  • Regular appointments at least once each year
  • Appointments may be needed more frequently depending on the treatment needed for each child
How long it takes
  • Annual appointments will usually take around 30 minutes to 60 minutes
  • For appointments involving treatment, the appointment time may be slightly longer
Before your appointment
  • No special preparation needed
After your appointment
  • You will be able to carry on as normal unless undergoing complex treatment and your paediatric dentist advises otherwise
You may be asked about
  • Your dental history and medical history
  • Your oral health care routine at home
Quick tip
  • It’s so important to take care of your oral health from a young age. We recommend visiting a pediatric dentist as young as 6 months old, or as soon as the first teeth appear.


01. Why is paediatric dentistry important?
Paediatric dentistry is essential because it focuses on maintaining the oral health of children. Paediatric dentists undergo specialized training to work effectively with young patients and promote good oral health practices from an early age. Early dental visits with a paediatric dentist can help detect and prevent future dental issues, ultimately benefiting a child’s future oral health.
02. What age should you start seeing a paediatric dentist?
To promote good oral health practices from an early age, it is recommended to take a child to a paediatric dentist as soon as possible, even as early as six months old. Starting dental visits early can aid in preventing future dental issues and maintaining good oral health.
03. When do you stop seeing a paediatric dentist?
Typically, patients who receive dental care from a Paediatric dentist will transition to a regular dentist around the age of 18.

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