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Teeth Cleaning Service in Lahore

Do you desire a white, healthy smile? Regularly cleaning your teeth prevents future problems and ensures dental health. Achieve a happy, healthy smile through home dental hygiene and regular dentist visits. The dental cleaning process in Pakistan helps maintain excellent oral health and provides the satisfaction of fresh, clean teeth.

What is Teeth Cleaning Process?

Do you desire a white, healthy smile? Teeth cleaning prevents future issues and is crucial for dental health. Home dental hygiene and regular dentist visits maintain a happy, healthy smile. Clean teeth after a dental visit in Pakistan provide unmatched satisfaction. It supports good oral health!

Cleaning removes plaque and tartar to prevent cavities and gum disease. Good oral hygiene prevents costly problems. Home care and dental visits keep teeth clean.

Our dentists train patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums. During teeth cleaning in Lahore, dentists assess your oral condition and check for disease. Plaque and bacteria are removed, leaving teeth smooth and clean.

Dentists provide home care guidance, including flossing and brushing techniques.

Deep cleaning, called scaling and root planning, treats severe gum disease. It removes plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and roots.

Need To Know


  • One appointment will be made for routine cleaning, often every six months.
  • Usually, scaling and root planning call for two or more visits.
  • To examine the condition of your teeth and gums after a deep cleaning, a second session could be necessary.

Before your Appointment:

  • There is no need for additional preparation.

How Long it Takes:

  • Treatments for hygiene often last between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Typically, each consultation will last 60 minutes for more intensive therapy.

After your Appointment:

  • You can usually carry on as normal.

You may be asked About:

  • Your dental history and medical history.
  • Your normal oral care routine at home.

Quick Tips:

Take notes if your dentist advises you on proper tooth brushing practices or how frequently you should floss. Building a new habit takes time; some experts believe it takes at least 21 days. Here’s a practical thought for the meantime. As a daily reminder, place a note about your new dental care regimen on the bathroom mirror.


01. How much does it cost to get your teeth cleaned?
The price for professional cleaning and scaling services in Lahore depends on the level of tartar accumulation on the teeth.
02. Is professional teeth cleaning painful?
During a dental cleaning, pain should be absent. However, minor discomfort is expected. Before treatment, discussing any concerns with your dentist or hygienist is recommended.
03. How often should I visit a dentist or hygienist to have my teeth cleaned?
We advise that you see your dentist and dental hygienist twice a year to preserve healthy teeth and gums. This will assist in identifying and avoiding problems in the future, such as gum disease.
04. Why should you get dental teeth cleaning done?
Dental cleanings are crucial for preventing cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Untreated severe gum disease can result in tooth loss. Cleanings leave teeth feeling smooth and clean and prevent bacterial adherence.
05. What is ultrasonic dental cleaning?
Ultrasonic tooth cleaning accelerates tartar removal. Dentists or hygienists use an ultrasonic scaler to eliminate dental calculus or tartar during the procedure. This reduces plaque bacteria and provides a genuinely clean feeling to the teeth.
06. When would you get ultrasonic dental cleaning?
For individuals with substantial tartar and calculus buildup, an ultrasonic dental cleaning can be advantageous. It effectively removes dental calculus, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Moreover, it can be employed on patients with gum disease to remove calculus below the gum line.
07. What is the best way to clean dentures?
Maintaining clean dentures is essential as they are susceptible to stains, plaque, and tartar. Cleaning dentures is similar to brushing teeth and can be done quickly. Immerse the denture in warm water, avoiding excessive heat, and add a denture cleaning tablet. Optionally, use a specialised denture cleaner for additional bacteria elimination. Gently brush the dentures with a soft brush and the cleanser tablet solution, avoiding regular toothpaste. After brushing, thoroughly rinse the dentures with running water.
08. What is teeth cleaning price in Pakistan?
Teeth cleaning preserves oral health by eliminating plaque and tartar, preventing gum diseases and tooth decay. In Pakistan, understanding the cost of teeth cleaning is essential. This article explores the factors influencing teeth cleaning prices and provides an overview of the expenses of this restorative dental procedure.