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Amalgam Filling Replacement in Lahore

Amalgam Filling and Replacement in Lahore

If you have concerns about the health impact of amalgam fillings, replacing them with teeth filling might be the optimal choice. The trend of replacing amalgam fillings has grown in popularity, often accompanied by a holistic approach. If you have conducted thorough research, possess specific health concerns, a relevant medical history, or personal convictions, you have the option to replace amalgam fillings.

Why Would You Replace Amalgam Filling?

The decision to replace amalgam fillings with another dental material is a matter of personal choice. People have various reasons for opting to do so, often based on personal research, health concerns, prior medical conditions, and religious beliefs.

Some of the main reasons for replacing amalgam fillings are:

  • Amalgam contains mercury, which for certain people may be a health danger.
  • Composite fillings are more aesthetic and look like natural teeth

The Process of Replacing Amalgam Filling:

After deciding to remove an amalgam filling, book a consultation appointment with your dentist to discuss the best long-term restorative option.

During the amalgam removal process, your dentist will follow protocols to protect you from exposure to the old filling material.

Once the amalgam is removed, your dentist will rebuild the tooth using appropriate non-metallic material.


01. How much does it cost to replace amalgam fillings
Replacing amalgam fillings is a personal decision. Consider your needs and conduct research to weigh the pros and cons before making a choice. Discuss your options with your dentist if you are considering replacing an amalgam filling.
02. Should all amalgam fillings be replaced?
The decision to replace amalgam fillings is a personal one. Make your own choice based on your own needs and research after weighing the pros and cons. Speak with your dentist about your alternatives if you’re thinking about replacing an amalgam filling.
03. Does it hurt to replace amalgam fillings?
Our dentists prioritize your comfort during dental procedures. Amalgam filling replacement is typically painless, although you may experience slight discomfort or tooth sensitivity afterwards. During your initial consultation, it is recommended to communicate any concerns you may have with your dentist.
04. Can fillings be prevented?
To minimize the need for fillings, it is crucial to prioritize dental health. This involves a combination of consistent at-home dental care and establishing a good relationship with your dentist. We recommend incorporating daily healthy habits and regularly visiting the dentist. Here are some guidelines for optimal dental health:
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily.
  • Schedule biannual hygiene appointments with an oral hygienist or oral health therapist.
  • Arrange an annual dental appointment for routine examination and x-rays.
05. I’m anxious about visiting the dentist.
We understand. Dental fear often stems from negative past experiences. Rest assured, our compassionate dentists empathize with your feelings. Open communication is key, whether you’re nervous, worried about pain, or concerned about treatment costs. We take it upon ourselves to ensure your comfort and ease during the process.